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Our Human Resources Policies

Our Human Resources Policies

"Sustainable achievements are proportionate to competent workforce."




We are shaping our Human Resources policies on the basis of equitable and fair practices. We see each and every one of our employees as a member of the Çakır Prefabricated Family, not as an employee.


We aim to present our team with the most innovative and innovative solutions by always creating new ones with openness, friends who want to improve themselves. We present Çakır Prefabricated facilities that our friends in our younger staffs can develop themselves in their fields.


In our sector, we are providing the necessary training for each of our employees and showing the necessary devotion and support as required by our Human Resources policies to support the workforce.


Our recruitment processes


You can take the first step of joining the Çakır Prefabricated Family by applying for your open advertisements. Our Human Resources team is setting up interview requests with candidates by evaluating the resumes that are applied to our job advertisements. After a positive result of your first consultation, you will be interviewed by the manager of the unit you are applying for and, if deemed appropriate, the recruitment period begins.


As Çakır Prefabricated, we carry out internal communication studies for the personal development and motivation of each of our colleagues to add value to our work. We believe that the motivation of our teams is important to everything. Thanks to our highly motivated team of experts, we are able to offer our customers much better and increase their satisfaction. We achieve our "Customer Focus" mission with our happy colleagues.


 Çakır Prefabricated Working Environment


We offer training opportunities that each of our colleagues can develop. Transparency in our Human Resources policies, which we conduct based on the performance system, is our first principle.


We value our business


As Çakır Prefabricated we have undertaken the task of giving sectoral qualified work force. We bring our work force to the necessary hardware infrastructure. We see each of our colleagues as a ring of success. We firmly believe that as the Çakır Prefabricated Family, which tightly clashed together, it could be by developing their own work force towards becoming a world brand.


- We place emphasis on OSH rules in the context of our Human Resources policies. We take absolutely essential importance in every business.


- We are working ceaselessly for a sustainable world where our nature-friendly productions are. In our Human Resources policies, we also create a nature friendly and environmentally friendly employee profile.


- To define the necessary competencies for our colleagues, in accordance with their knowledge and skills.