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About Us

About Us

Çakır Prefabricated prefabricated structure is among the leading companies in the production and installation of the industry. Turkey has with the staff about the professionalization of the four corners of prefabricated structures Prefabricated models deliver Cakir, has achieved production standards in the production process that is acceptable worldwide.


Cakir Prefabrik, who has passed all kinds of prefabricated models with the latest technological equipment thanks to the certifications in the field, prefabricated house models for individual uses as well as the prefabricated building requirements required in the public areas.


With the appropriate budget and practical installation, Çakır Prefabric offers you far more than prefabricated installation.


As Çakır Prefabricated, our aim is to offer our customers prefabricated structures that have reached world standards at reasonable price ranges.


Thanks to our sustainable cutting-edge techniques, we are producing and assembling with respect to the environment and nature and creating original prefabricated building designs.


We do not hesitate to share our reference and certificate information that our customers can always reach, and we guarantee to our customers 100% satisfaction with our prefabricated building designs that appeal to different tastes.


As Çakır Prefabricated we are progressing along with the expert kadromuz on the road to becoming a world brand by following the developments of the world wide sector. We continue to offer original solutions to our customers with our vision of leading and exemplary brands.


Our principles:


          To provide customer satisfaction with innovative solutions.

          Being the first company of the sector with the aim of leading brand.

          To create the projects mentioned by itself with sample staff.


Our service areas:


          Manufacture and design of prefabricated buildings


          Assembly and disassembly

          Support after sale

          Building infrastructure installation


Customer focus


We always keep customer satisfaction at the forefront of our business as Çakır Prefabricated. We are signing work that can meet our customers' suggestions, demands and expectations. Customer satisfaction is not only pre-sales, but also necessary to continue after sales. Thanks to our after sales support team, prefabricated solutions we offer to our customers are under Çakır Prefabric guarantee together with problems.


As Çakır Prefabricated you can reach us 24/7. You can look at our sample projects on our website and see our references. As Çakır Prefabricated we will be pleased to introduce our products and offer you services.