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Prefabricated Houses


Prefabricated houses are preferred structures because of their cost advantages and functionality. In prefabricated houses, models with very different concepts that can be easily met by individual needs and expectations can be presented.


Based on quality material understanding, the satisfaction level is very high with no shortage of other construction styles with the advantages of production and assembly in a short time.


Çakır Prefabrik provides the architects with flexible designs to enable the users to have very special comfort conditions and to produce structures with maximum energy performance.




Types of building construction;




* Press Panel System * Carcass Panel System * Fugitive Panel System




Prefabricated Housing Buildings Production Category:




* Prefabricated villas


* Prefabricated Single storey / Two Storey Houses


* Prefabricated Vineyards


* Prefabricated Bungalow Houses


* Prefabricated Earthquake Houses