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Prefabricated Health Care






Demand for prefabricated health structures has increased, especially due to investments made in the health sector by the public in recent times.




Prefabricated health facilities can be projected by our technical team in a short time and ready for use. It is one of the most important properties that the materials used do not contain any harmful substances in health.




Çakır Prefabricate provides effective solutions by evaluating the climatic conditions, insulation properties and environmental sectors of the region in health buildings.




In addition, it is necessary to build buildings according to the legislation determined by the Ministry of Health.




Types of building construction;




* Sandwich Panel System * Fibercement / Betopan Press Panel System * Composite Panel System




Prefabricated Health Buildings Production Category:




* Prefabricated Health Centers




* Prefabricated Hospitals




* Prefabricated Family Social Centers




* Prefabricated Laboratories




* Prefabricated Blood Collection Centers




* Prefabricated Oral and Dental Health Centers




* Prefabricated Infirmary Buildings




* 112 Emergency Service Buildings